IBC Opening

On the 13th and 14th of September Careerstarters will kick off this cycle with an E-assessment training. This training will prepare you for the selection process including interviews and assessments that are used by investment banks. This session is open to all students and is a perfect preparation for a potential career in banking.

The training taught at the International Banking Cycle is a group training, designed as an introduction into e-assessments. During 2 hours, three subjects are discussed in the form of a mini test, result optimalization discussion, and a second test to evaluate learning results. For more information, have a look at www.careerstarter.nl.

Careerstarter was founded in 2012 to help students pass their e-assessment in job application procedures. With first hand experience in acing e-assessments, the founders took it upon themselves to help structure and strategize the preparation eff orts of friends, and later on the public as a whole. Nowadays, Careerstarter off ers a wide variety of trainings. There is online training, with extensive instructions per question type, and a lot of practice questions with clearly explained answers.

Further, Careerstarter off ers 1 on 1 training for specifi c test, often used by candidates with a big knowledge gap, or a very high standard needed. Lastly, there are group trainings that range between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the situation.