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In September 2015 I started my Masters Financial Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During the start of the program I knew it was time to go on a quest and find a place where I could have my first professional experience. During the International Banking Cycle event, organised by the Financial Student Association Rotterdam (FSR), I got the opportunity to meet different investment banks and participate in several workshops. After the Banking Cycle I got an invitation from Bank of America Merrill Lynch to interview for a three month internship. After an afternoon of several interview rounds, the Amsterdam team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch offered me an internship position, which I gladly accepted.

My internship, which took place from May 2016 till the end of July, was one the most useful and exciting experiences since the beginning of my studies. Being challenged on a continuous basis and experiencing the professional working life for the first time was both educational and eye-opening. During the first few weeks I got the opportunity to work closely with one of the analyst, from which I learned a great amount about the industry. During the following weeks I gained the trust of the team, after which I got the opportunity to contribute to various pitches and projects. I found the work to be very diverse and consistent of several tasks such as industry research, valuation modelling, pitchbook work and assisting in the day-to-day operation of the Amsterdam team.

One of the reasons why I believe an investment banking internship is such a valuable experiences is because you constantly have to prove yourself and perform to the best of your capabilities, but at the same time this gives you the unique opportunity to experience the industry and team within a limited time frame.

My investment banking internship was a great first professional experience and proved to be an industry in which I would gladly start my professional career. In addition, I would highly recommend Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the investment banking industry to anyone who is looking for a challenge.