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Participating in the International Banking Cycle (IBC) introduced me to international investment banks active in the Benelux. I had been eager to experience investment banking for a long time, but I was unsure about the steps to take. The IBC was the perfect opportunity to connect with professionals and shed light on various activities within these investment banks. I attended workshops from multiple investment banks, each presenting unique case studies that offered practical insights into the world of investment banking. Alongside the case studies, I also got to hear from investment bankers about their experiences, both formally and informally. Interestingly, quite a few of the professionals I spoke with had recently graduated or were only a few years into their careers, and many of them had also participated in the IBC in previous years, allowing me to connect with individuals who had been in my shoes. In just one day, I was able to gain a deeper sense of their daily activities and the distinct approach and culture of each investment bank.

After attending several workshops, it became clear to me that Deutsche Bank and its Benelux team were the best fit for me. The case study Deutsche Bank presented was challenging, unique, and provided an interesting perspective on tackling real-world case studies. Beyond the technical aspects, the team's culture appealed to me – they were passionate about their work and committed to Deutsche Bank. The team appeared to be in sync with one another, creating a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day.

Following the workshops and several interviews, I received an offer for an internship position, which I gladly accepted. A few months later, I started my three-month internship in the Deutsche Bank Benelux team. During this time, I gained substantial insight into the industry and had the chance to analyse a diverse range of companies in numerous sectors. The variety in companies and tasks made each day unique, and looking back on each week, I was surprised by how much I had learned. Throughout these three months, I had a lot of independence, which allowed me to contribute to various pitches and projects, topping off with my own internship project. Throughout this period, I consistently encountered challenges that tested both my technical and soft skills, leading me to experience a rapid learning curve within this brief span. Additionally, both junior and senior team members were very approachable, and I directly collaborated with various team members on a daily basis.

Reflecting on my time at Deutsche Bank, I believe an investment banking internship is an excellent experience for students wanting to challenge themselves, enhance their understanding of the industry, and expand their network in the field. Lastly, I highly recommend the IBC – whether you are still uncertain about entering the industry or not, the workshops and an internship are a great way to find out!