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Whilst studying Commercial Engineering in Leuven, I have broadened my knowledge significantly across a wide range of disciplines. During my studies, I have attended several courses which covered Finance and more specifically Corporate Finance. I was becoming increasingly convinced that this was the discipline in which I would like to further expand my knowledge and eventually start my professional career in.

In order to strengthen my Corporate Finance skills I did some exchanges abroad of which one took place at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. It was here that I got in touch with the International Banking Cycle. When I read more information on this event, it was clear to me that this would offer a unique opportunity to get a better understanding of what it takes to become an Investment Banker at a bulge-bracket bank and whether I have the right capabilities to become successful in this profession.

Deutsche Bank’s IBC day left me an extraordinary impression due to its interactive case study, an enthusiastic and very skilled team on the ground and the instructive one-on-one talks I had with both junior as senior bankers within the Benelux franchise. In short, the IBC offers high-potential and motivated students the chance to join an intensive day where you learn more how an investment bank operates, how bankers think and what the opportunities are when you want to pursue a career in this industry. In addition, Investment Banking is a very demanding sector where you really need to possess a wide range of skills in order to become successful. As such, an event such as IBC allows students to critically deliberate whether this is the type of industry you see yourself working in after graduating and whether your skill set fits the prerequisites of leading Investment Banks. Moreover the event also has a social angle that allows students to have direct contact with experienced bankers who shed light on the industry, the bank and the team in which they operate. A right team fit is as crucial as a good skill set in order to maximise your contribution to the bank’s outcome.

Following the IBC, Deutsche Bank invited me to apply for an internship position with the Benelux Investment Banking Coverage and Advisory team. After having interned for 3 months, I was offered a full-time position to join the team and didn’t doubt any second to grab this chance with both hands. I have joined Deutsche Bank through the graduate training programme in June 2012 and acknowledge the role that IBC has played in this challenging career start I have enjoyed.