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Markets Summer Analyst

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If you are interested or curious about Investment Banking (IB), the International Banking Cycle (IBC) provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the industry. As a past participant, the event provided me with first-hand insight into the world of IB by networking with different banks, learning about their cultural differences and about the day-to-day tasks on the job. The event also provided me with insight into Markets as well as IB.

I was particularly interested in the Markets events because of my background in Economics and Finance, which combines both of these fields in one role. The IBC J.P. Morgan Markets Case Study allowed me to further explore this role. At the event, I gained a deeper understanding of the fast paced nature of the role as well as the extensive market analysis needed in order to manage your Profit & Loss and market risk.

The case study not only expanded my understanding of a role within Markets but also introduced me to J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan really stood out throughout the event because of the people - everyone I met was humble, down to earth, and had strong team spirit. Moreover, they were enthusiastic about their job and clearly aimed to achieve “first-class business in a first-class way”. I immediately connected with them, and after the event applied and was accepted for a Markets Summer Analyst position in London.

The Markets Summer Analyst position at J.P. Morgan is a challenging, dynamic and a rewarding experience. During the 10 weeks you will be assigned to a desk, either by asset class or by geographic region. I joined the Israel Sales team which focuses on cross asset product. On the desk, I am learning about the day to day tasks, how to quickly adapt to the market news and client demands, and also working with products across different asset classes. Throughout the summer, J.P. Morgan provides you with training and support to help you thrive in your role. For instance, in the first week you are given one week of training on all types of asset classes, Bloomberg and Excel. Additionally, you are assigned a buddy who advises you throughout the summer. By the end of the summer you’ll be shocked with how much you have learned and grown as an individual.

Overall, completing an internship at an Investment Bank is a really unique experience that will expose you to many different environments. If this is something that you think might interest you, I highly recommend that you apply because now is the best opportunity for you to learn and be a part of this industry. Good luck with your application!