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Are you interested or curious about Investment Banking (IB)? The International Banking Cycle (IBC) provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the industry. As a past participant I can say that the event provided me with first-hand insights into the world of IB by networking with different banks, learning about their cultural differences and the day-to-day tasks on the job.

Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skillset and network with fellow participants and bankers. The IBC J.P. Morgan case study was based on a real transaction and designed to experience it as such. After a brief introduction, the group of participants was split up in smaller teams - each representing a different stakeholder. Over the next 8 hours, each team participated in a time-pressured M&A process, with the aim to win the deal on the best terms. Teams were required to negotiate and substantiate their offer price and non-financial terms, often leading to fast-paced discussions. The case study ended with a final presentation to the company board, consisting of various senior bankers.

Although the case was challenging, there was a relaxed setting throughout the day, making it a great experience in and by itself. Ultimately, it was the atmosphere and interactions with J.P. Morgan's bankers that made me apply for the interview process and eventually receiving and accepting an offer for the J.P. Morgan Benelux team (whereas other participants in my cohort decided to move to London).

The IB Summer Analyst position is challenging and dynamic, but above all, very rewarding. Over the course of 9 weeks, you will truly get to experience what it is like to be an investment banker. The summer starts with a 1-week EMEA wide Summer Analyst training in London where you meet your fellow Summer Analysts. The training was focused on valuations and financial modelling, equipping you with all the tools to succeed throughout the summer. Moreover, it also included catered lunches and drinks, leading to many social interactions both during the day as well as after. As I joined the Benelux team, I started my second week back in Amsterdam. Directly from the start, I had the opportunity to work on live transactions and be involved in day-to-day cooperation with the team. Over the course of the internship, my responsibilities and exposure towards seniors and clients rapidly increased. Eventually I was working on multiple projects simultaneously, with tasks ranging from drafting information memoranda to LBO modelling. The bar is high, and as such, J.P. Morgan truly services clients by doing “first-class business in a first-class way”.

Apart from the work, the summer was characterised by weekly 8:00 AM sporting sessions with the team as well as BBQs and other events. Overall, a summer internship at an investment bank is a very unique experience that will expose you to the breadth of the financial industry. Especially at J.P. Morgan, you will always have significant resources at your disposal and work together across teams and borders, which I found very compelling. If this is something that might be of interest to you, I highly recommend that you apply, because now is the best opportunity for you to become part of J.P. Morgan.

Good luck with your application!