Peter-Jan ter Maaten

Based in

New York City

Job title and business area

Investment Banking Associate

Year joined Nomura


Year attended the International Banking Cycle


As many young Dutch bankers, my first experience with investment banking originates from the International Banking Cycle. The IBC proved to be a valuable insight into the differences between the participating banks and the mechanisms of M&A. After Nomura’s workshop, I was offered the opportunity to interview and landed an internship in the Benelux Coverage Team based in Amsterdam.

From the moment I joined the team as an intern, I felt respected and truly valued as part of the team. Within a short period of time, I was assigned real responsibilities and experienced working in a close-knit team of professionals both in Amsterdam and London. I experienced how, beyond numerical analysis, a job in finance can give you a strong business understanding in general.

During the IBC and my internship, I was warmly encouraged by Nomura’s open and friendly atmosphere. This corporate culture, coupled with a steep learning curve made sure that I enjoyed every single day of my internship. Furthermore, Nomura’s unique position as a leading bank in Asia, combined with its strong presence in Europe and the US provides interesting and unique opportunities.

Looking back on my past few years in investment banking, I am truly grateful for the opportunity the IBC of 2011 provided. Having progressed into the role of Associate, I am certain that no other career path could have provided the same learning curve as my previous Analyst position in investment banking. Further to this, Nomura cares deeply about its employees’ continuing development, for example evidenced by the Global Associate Training I attended in Tokyo last year, and by Nomura having provided me the opportunity to transfer to our office in New York, where I currently work in the FIG team.

Are you interested in finance as well, and keen to explore the world of investment banking? Here is some advice to make the most of the International Banking Cycle:

  1. Prepare for interviews in advance, in case you might get invited to interview on the next day
  2. Seize the opportunity to connect on a one-on-one basis with the representatives of various banks, as attending different workshops is the most effective way to find out how the different banks distinguish themselves from others
  3. And last but not least, do enjoy the event once you are invited!

Hope to see you at the Nomura in-house day,

Peter-Jan ter Maaten

Investment Banking Associate